Technical Production

Besides the developments concerning the area of biological production the Virtual Forest focused on several perennial issues of the technical production: Simulation based harvesting cost estimation, the exact identification of harvested trees (for client specific invoicing) and the minimization of ground impact. A new procedure has been developed for single-tree navigation. The basic information can be obtained either by manually marking trees in the stand, or by marking the appropriate trees in the Virtual Forest. This new, innovative approcach is based on an intensive bi-directional data exchange between the biological and technical production procedures. On the one hand, data from biological production is made available for technical production (e. g. virtual marking of trees) and on the other hand the production data is used for the continued renewal of the inventory data (permanent inventory).

The in the context of biological production allocated data create the basis for applications within technical production. Based on these data, now –manually or virtually – marked trees can be cut down by a harvester. With it, the harvester driver is supported by a single tree navigator. Sensors at the harvester record the real tree position, so that this tree after inquiry to a GIS system can automatically be credited to its owner. The moving is done by a forwarder, which tyre pressure always has to be adapted to actual soil conditions for a drive-along taking careful as possible.