Support of known forest inventory tools

All stand and site attributes are implemented to the stand inventory part of the Virtual Forest’s database and are in attendance to further users or applications, e.g. in 4D-GIS. An important aim of the project is to support known forest management software, to be useful for collecting data on-place and to use specialized evaluations and integrate those into the processes of the Virtual Forest. Actually, the 4D-GIS supports the data exchange with FOWIS software of Atalay Consult, a cooperation partner in this project.

When drawing up a stand inventory, the methods of the Virtual Forest can help to “pre-fill in” a large number of the fields which have to be captured, so that the installer on-place only has to check those data for plausibility and to complete them if necessary. With it, the Virtual Forest makes an important contribution to a significant optimization of the time and cost intensive processes of stand inventory.

Although, of cause only those attributes can be determined, which are visible “from above“ or rather which can be derived. That’s why the methodology at present limits itself to the determination of the stand visible from above, but this in general makes up the economic relevant main layer.