4D Geo information System

The Virtual Forest presents itself the user as 4D geo information system (4D GIS). This is based on a robot simulation system, which accesses geo data via varied interfaces to vector and raster data sources. In this way, it integrates modern methods of industrial automation with aspects of geo information technology and so provides a powerful basis for realising the Virtual Forest. While doing so, it can be used on different computer systems ranging from the “ruggedized” notebook to the calculator cluster.

The three-dimensional depiction of the Virtual Forest initially enables an intuitive access to the at first sight abstract seeming data basis of the Virtual Forest. The realistic depiction makes the on-placed ratios “virtually” experienceable and intuitively predictable, whether being the consideration of forest stand, the planning of transport route, the evaluation of ownership relations or the assessment of loss-causing events. Of cause, the experts will still have the 2D supervision at hand.

Although, the 4D-GIS is not only the user interface of the Virtual Forest, but also the basis for all new applications and all data processing algorithms.