Stand Inventory

The aim of the application “stand inventory” is the development of a new tool for an efficient part-automated GIS-based stand inventory. Important development aims are among other things:

  • the integration of geo and technical data
  • the efficient ownership registration
  • the efficient use of data sources of the Virtual Forest as well as
  • the interactive quality assurance of the calculated data.

For this, automated and manual data gathering processes are combined. The automated (multi-) sensor data processing extract the data objects (forest segments, stand units, etc.) based on remotely sensed data and their attribute (stocking level, age, top height, average height, etc.). The data sources here can be chosen flexible appropriately its availability and its costs.

The generated data then provides a basis for the application of semi-automatic post-progressing and quality assurance processes, which are carried out on-place by a specialist. For this, the system automatically informs about remaining problematic forest regions or about above-average high differences towards aged data.