Forestry information system

The aim at the development of a new forestal information system is a simple and purposeful use of diverse geo data of the forest. Many questions from the daily forestal practise can be answered on this basis quickly:

  • “Where is the subdivision 27B3?”
  • “Where is the end of this plot?”
  • “Which timber stock of this stock unit is at which stocking degree?”
  • “What is the height of this tree?”

For this, an easily handling variation based on 4D-GIS was developed which nevertheless gives the user access to all relevant data “in text mode”. Examples are e.g. the data of stand inventory.

Next to this developed data, the user also has access to raw data as well as interim results, like the laser scanner difference model (e.g. for diversion of tree height) or the tree species classification.

Based on this data, he can draw up, for example, already implemented evaluations like stand lists at the push of a button.